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Commercial Plumbing Maintenance & Repair

When a commercial business has a plumbing or drain cleaning problem, it can often be disruptive to the company’s operations. At Best Quality Plumbing we understand the importance of eliminating distractions or inconveniences that may affect the way we conduct business. When you call Best Quality Plumbing, our staff will dispatch a professional technician to your location to ensure your plumbing or drain cleaning needs are expertly repaired and serviced.

BEST QUALITY PLUMBING also works with commercial property owners and property management companies such as apartment complexes, condominiums, hotels and motels, homeowners associations, and other multi-unit housing companies. If you have commercial plumbing and drain cleaning needs, contact the plumbing service that has been trusted for over 20 years. Call Larkin Plumbing today at (818) 282-5846, or Contact Us On Line.

Commercial Plumbing Commercial Plumbing Commercial Plumbing Commercial Plumbing

Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater Installation

When we say “water heater,” what image springs to your mind? It’s likely a big storage tank with a number of pipes and lines sticking out of it, right? Now, take away the tank and replace it with a much smaller box. You might be confused at this point—how is a box going to keep all that water hot? Well, because it’s much more than just a box. It’s a tankless water heater.

This type of water heater is just about exactly what it sounds like—it is a hot water heater that doesn’t require the use of a large storage tank to hold gallons of water until it can be used. Also called an on-demand system, it’s space-saving and prevents flooding, among other benefits. Read on as we uncover facts about tankless systems that will make you want to upgrade today!

Are the Pipes Under Your Home Leaking?

This is what’s known as a slab leak, and it can be quite insidious. Slab leaks are what plumbers refer to as any leak that occurs in the hot or cold water pipes that lay below your home’s concrete foundation, and they can be a major problem. Not only do slab leaks cause considerable water waste, but they can also damage your property, lead to mold and mildew development, and add additional strain on your water heater if the leak is happening in the hot water lines.

Of course, we understand that you would rather never have an emergency. The best way to avoid a plumbing emergency is with routine maintenance including video pipe inspection and drain cleaning. Still though, it’s a good idea to be aware of some of the most common plumbing emergencies to underscore the importance of maintenance.

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Whether you require simply drain cleaning or a whole pipes installation, call our group of qualified and talented plumbers. we take pride in the work we perform with our dedicated plumbers.

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