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Why a Toilet Continues Clogging Professional Clogged Toilet Repair Solutions in Lake Balboa?

Toilets are great, right? They save us from needing to get up and go crazy. But sometimes they can be a pain in the neck, literally! A toilet will keep clogging when there’s something wrong with it; which means that oftentimes this problem develops from several reasons such as an improper flush or leaky pipes below your feet. In this post, our specialist plumbers (818) 282-5846 discuss what may have caused Clogged Toilet in Lake Balboas so you know how best to handle them before they become more serious plumbing problems down the line.

Why a Toilet Keeps Clogging?

Recurring blockages can be triggered by a variety of things, including the way you use your toilet and even what’s going on in some other part of your house. Here are 5 common reasons (and recommendations) for this recurring issue:

Toilet is an older low flow model:

Making use of an older clog toilet is just one of the most common reasons for blocked toilets. Low-flow models just do not use water as effectively to flush away waste, leaving it behind and eventually clogging up your commode. To help maintain clogs away even if you do not want to replace the toilet, think about investing in a “low-flush” model.

Excessive toilet tissue is flushed:

This might look like a no-brainer, however flushing too much toilet tissue is another common cause of clogged up toilets. Make sure to only flush the amount of tissue that will certainly dissolve easily and quickly.

Non-flushable items are flushed:

Sanitary napkins, baby wipes, and other non-flushable items should NEVER be flushed down the toilet. These can easily clog your plumbing system. If this occurs, be sure to call our plumbing professionals immediately at (818) 282-5846 to deal with an emergency Clogged Toilet in Lake Balboa repair solution!

Clog in the toilet trap:

Occasionally, a clogged may form in the trap of your toilet- this is the curved part of the piping below your toilet that helps to catch and hold waste. If this becomes clogged with debris or hair, it can protect against water from properly flushing away waste, causing an obstruction. Excessive toilet paper usage and flushing different materials result in this issue.

Blocked toilet vent:

The vents on your roof are very important for proper air circulation in your house, including your bathroom. If these vents get clogged with leaves, twigs, or various other materials, these can cause drain problems and result in a Clogged Toilet in Lake Balboa.

What to do if Your Toilet Keeps Clogging?

If you’re handling a Clogged Toilet in Lake Balboa, it is necessary to address the issue asap. Waiting can lead to further plumbing problems and even damage to your house. You can rely on our professional Clogged Toilet in Lake Balboa repair services for all your clog needs at (818) 282-5846.

Call Best Quality Services at (818) 282-5846 to inspect if you have a clog in your vents, pipe, or toilet trap! We’re here 24 hours a day for Clogged Toilet in Lake Balboa emergencies.

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