Toilet Repair & Replacement!

A clogged or malfunctioning toilet can cause life to grind to a halt. We take it for granted that our toilets will work all day, every day, so it can be a bit of a shock when they don’t. If your toilet exhibits any (or all) of the following signs, it’s time to book a Best Quality Plumbing for your toilet Repair & Replacement!

Running long after you flushed. This is a symptom of a leaking toilet. Usually, the flapper valve is to blame. Leaks like this can be costly, wasting hundreds of gallons of water a day. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that older toilets (ones made or installed before 1980) waste up to 13,000 gallons per year.

Repairing or replacing toilets like these could save $2,400 in water bills over the toilet’s lifetime, also according to the EPA.  If your toilet gurgles after a flush, it most likely has a clog. Our Toilet Repair Pros are trained to fix clogs when plunging fails.

Leaking from the base. Usually indicated by a broken or failed wax seal.
Toilet is overflowing. Talk about a mood killer. Luckily, we offer same-day booking. Tank fills with water without flushing. If the toilet fills as though it had just flushed, then it probably has a leak.

Professional services

Here at Best Quality Plumbing, our team is not just focused on serving our clients with the highest quality of plumbing services. We are also passionate about offering you the best treatment that you never experience from other plumbing companies.

We treat our clients with respect because we want to maintain our excellent relationships with them. We consider you as our family, and we handle our work like it is also our own. We believe that you deserve a friendly and quality service at just an affordable and practical amount. That’s why we offer you low cost but high-quality plumbing services that can make you smile and thankful.

State of the art equipment

We know that the equipment used is an essential factor for successful plumbing services. With this, we only use the latest developments of technology to serve you the premium plumbing work that can give you peace of mind while staying in your home.

With our advanced equipment, we promise that we will deliver to you only the best services that you deserve and desire. Best Quality Plumbing is a company that serves with a conscience. As trustworthy plumbing in Encino, we always do the techniques to help our clients in a fair manner.

We can work professionally and neatly, so you don’t need to doubt the outcome of our work. We have a team that specializes in plumbing repairs, gas line installation, and inspection, water lines reroute water heater repair and installation and other plumbing system needs.

With our dedication to work, you can always hope for the best results. We are glad to help you reduce the risks that may bring about your plumbing problems. Plumbing work is a difficult job. It highly requires excellent knowledge and skills. It is not advisable as a do it yourself operation, so we are here to take the responsibility of doing the tough job.


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