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Toilet Repair & Installation

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Toilet Repair & Installation

No matter whether you need a simple fix performed on your toilet or if you need a brand new one installed, we can get the job done. We know that the job is a stinky one, and a complicated one—which is why we are here to do it for you. Cross this item off your to-do list by giving your local BEST Quality Plumbing a call today!

Whether you’re replacing a toilet in a home you just purchased, upgrading your toilet to a newer, more efficient water-saving model, replacing a broken unit or renovating a bathroom, toilet installation should be done right to avoid costly toilet repair and damaging leaks. At times though, toilet leaks can take place within the floor, unseen until the repairs are extensive and costly. At Best Quality Plumbing, we have a team of highly experienced Toilet Repair & Installation. 

Professional Toilet Repair & Installation

Toilet installation is not an especially time-consuming job, but it does require physical exertion and a fair amount of expertise. As with most plumbing jobs, there are complex factors involved in toilet installation. Many mistakes that lead to toilet repairs can be avoided by relying on a professional plumber for toilet installation. Even a Furthermore, an untrained person working on plumbing fixtures can turn a small problem into something much larger, possibly causing burst pipes, clogs, or leaks. small misstep, such as misaligning the toilet on the wax ring, can lead to toilet leaks.

Constant Clogging

Unless you have a wily two-year old who loves to throw toilet paper down the toilet, you should not have frequent clogging issues. In fact, you should rarely have a clogged toilet if you are using it properly and if it is functioning properly. If you are having a toilet that clogs constantly and in need of toilet repair, Replacement & Installation from Best Quality Plumbing in Sylmar, CA on a regular basis, then it’s probably time for a new toilet. This may be an indication that your toilet has a faulty part or there is a different blockage in your sewer lines. In either case, you need to call us for a home plumbing inspection promptly.

Toilet Leaks

If there’s a small pool of water collecting around the base of your toilet or you notice the floors are damp, call in a professional. If you leave it alone, you could cause serious damage to your bathroom floor and the underlying framing. We can easily repair the damaged seal between the toilet horn and drain line. We’ll also check to make sure the connections are all in order, such as the tank bolts, fill valve, mounting nut and supply tube coupling nut. If all the connections are in order, new washers may be necessary.

If none of these things seem to be the problem, it could just be condensation. In that case, enhanced ventilation will do the trick! If the leaking only occurs during or after a flush, we can come in and replace the wax ring as part of our toilet repair in Los Angeles, CA.

Toilet Refuses to Flush

If you have a toilet that likes to embarrass you by refusing to flush, you’re not alone. This problem is more common than you would think, and there are some surefire steps we can take to ensure your toilet works perfectly. For one, we’ll check out the flush handle, flush level/lift arm, flapper valve and connections to see if they’re causing the problem.

If that’s not it, we’ll see if the handle it too loose or tight to function properly. If the lift arm is bent or broken, we’ll see what we can do to bend it back into place or install a new one if needed. If you’re experiencing only partial flushing, we’ll check out the slack in the lift chain, tank water level, and flapper to make sure it’s installed properly. This all comes as part of our toilet repair in Los Angeles, CA.

Toilet Won’t Shut Up

Much like a running toilet, a noisy toilet can last indefinitely until you call out a plumber. If you want to try troubleshooting on your own, you can make sure the water supply line is turned completely open. If needed, you can also replace the fill valve diaphragm seal or the fill valve itself. For more information, you can check out our blog post on common plumbing issues.

If you require toilet repair repair & Installation In Los Angeles, CA., you’ve come to the right place. Our expert technicians would be happy to assist you with any of the aforementioned repair problems. We can also install a new toilet that will last you for years to come. Just give Best Quality Plumbing a call.

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