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Signs of a Poor Clogged Toilet Repair Work and What to Do About It in Glendale

Several Clogged Toilet in Glendale repair work are carried out in a hurry, which implies that you may not clear the blockage. The result is an undesirable mess and a Clogged Toilet in Glendale for several years ahead. To prevent this, take your time when you go about clog maintenance. Below are nine signs of a poor blockage repair job and what to do about it!

At The Best Quality Plumbing, we’ve put together a short guide to spotting an inadequately performed toilet clog repair. If you identify any of these signs, you might require the intervention of our experts at (818) 282-5846.

How do you know if a toilet blockage repair was ineffective?

One problem can trigger another in plumbing, however it is additionally a way of knowing what is inside your plumbing system. If you tried to perform the toilet clog repair, but suspect something has gone wrong, here are some signs and symptoms:

  • There are gaps between the flange and the drain tube. The obstruction is probably still there when there are spaces between the flange and the drainpipe.
  • The wax ring is not being changed correctly or at all. Failure to replace your toilet bowl wax ring will result in a leaky flange and potential clogging problems as well.
  • There are visible signs of damage to the pipe itself, such as cracks and chips. If the obstruction is not removed and these indications of wear are ignored, they will only worsen gradually.
  • The obstruction is not clear. If the clog is not removed, it will just get worse over time. In addition to a messy bathroom, you will also have a Clogged Toilet in Glendale.
  • The new flange is not level with the old one. If the new flange is not level with the old one, it could be a sign that you or the plumber you hired did not clean the clog properly.
  • The water does not drain quickly. When the water does not drain pipes rapidly, it is a sign that there is still a clog in the toilet.
  • The toilet smells like sewage. If the obstruction is not cleaned correctly, you could smell sewage in your bathroom.
  • You can see the blockage. If you can see the clog, it was probably not cleaned properly.
  • The obstruction returns after a day or 2. If the obstruction returns after just a couple of days, it indicates that they made no be repair!

What would you do if your blockage returns?

If the clog returns after a day or two, you will need to call your Clogged Toilet in Glendale repair expert and ask for help at (818) 282-5846.

The problem will likely persist or result in further damages when you attempt the repair again similarly, either with DIY approaches or the plumber himself. Although a toilet clog repair might seem like a chore, depending upon the source, it can be challenging to remove the source of the clog without the proper tools.

If any one of these signs are evident, likely, the clog has not been removed. At The Best Quality Plumbing (818) 282-5846, we offer professional Clogged Toilet in Glendale repair services for residential and commercial customers.

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