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Should You Repair or Replace Your Water Heater in Calabasas?

It’s an obstacle for the average homeowner to choose whether to repair or change the water heater or other pricey home appliances when they give trouble. The factor is not unreasonable: you don’t want your wallet to take the hit!

However, to avoid experiencing that first freezing shower or huge puddle in your basement, it’s highly recommended that you take proactive actions to change or repair your water heater.

To help you make that critical choice, we’ve elucidated 3 factors to consider in this post, so sit back, grab a cup of coffee and delight in the read.

Assess the severity of the issue

Makers build water heating systems to be strong and extremely effective, over time, they can develop small or significant faults. If you come across problems such as:

  • The regular shutdown of the gas water heater’s pilot light.
  • Burner or resistance failure
  • Thermostat breakdown
  • Breaker trips
  • Dripping drain or pressure relief valve
  • Valve sticking or no hot water

It is best to call a skilled Water Heater Repair in Calabasas plumbing to evaluate and repair the problem in a short quantity of time.

If your water heater tank is leaking and corroded, you have no option however to change it. When you call us, we will advise the best tank or tankless hot water heater on the marketplace in terms of effectiveness and energy cost savings.

The age of your hot water heater

Excessive usage and age are aspects that degrade the effectiveness of both tank and tank hot water heater.

The average life of storage water heaters is 10 to 15 years, while that of tankless units is 19 to 20 years. For that reason, if the age of your unit is more than the above discussed, you must think about replacing it with another hot water heater.

To enjoy high performance and likewise save on energy costs, we recommend that you forget about traditional storage systems and opt for tankless hot water heater with Energy Star standards.

Increasing heating expenses and frequent repairs

If you are experiencing high heating expenses, absence of warm water or frequent issues with your system, it’s best to do a cost-benefit analysis to identify whether it will be more economical for you to continue spending for hot Water Heater Repair in Calabasass or acquire a brand-new system.

If your records are offered, examine your spending on repair work for the last year to identify if it reaches 50% of the expense of changing the hot water heater. If so, stop calling for repair work and change the water heater.

Consider altering repair specialists.

Since your existing professional hasn’t come up with a long lasting solution for your hot water heater, it’s finest to provide a more flexible and experienced technician an opportunity.

We will come evaluate the condition of the unit and give you an expert suggestion on what to do. When there are more inexpensive and efficient units out there, we don’t motivate property owners to keep throwing money away on repairs.

Manufacturers build water heating systems to be strong and extremely effective, over time, they can establish major or small faults. If your water heater tank is dripping and corroded, you have no choice but to replace it. If your records are available, inspect your spending on repair work for the last year to identify if it reaches 50% of the expense of replacing the water heater.
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