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What is Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is a trenchless pipe replacement technique used for sewer, rainwater, and oil and gas pipes. The process entails pulling an HDPE pipe of equal or greater diameter into an existing pipe. As the HDPE pipe is being advanced via a winch system, a cone shaped bursting head breaks the existing pipe into pieces, removing them from the path of the new HDPE pipe. Best Quality Plumbing offers trenchless pipe bursting for 2″ to 6″ residential and commercial lateral lines from Los Angeles county and San Fernando valley ,need A service? call us at- 818-282-5846


Step 1: Preparation and Setup

Prior to starting a pipe bursting project for house-to-main lateral lines, two pits are created – one at each end of the section to be repaired. One pit will be the pulling pit and the other is the insertion pit. In the pulling pit, a steel cable is fed through the old pipe all the way to the insertion pit. Once the insertion pit is reached, the bursting head and HDPE pipe are connected to the end of the cable. Get A Quote taday At- 818-282-5846

Step 2: Pipe Bursting

Next, a winch system is setup in the pulling pit. The winch then pulls the cone shaped bursting head and HDPE pipe through the old pipe. During this process the bursting head breaks apart the old pipe and creates a path for the trailing HDPE pipe. The bursting head and HDPE pipe continue to be advanced until it reaches the pulling pit. Need A Quote? call us at- 818-282-5846


Step 3: Reconnections

Once the new HDPE pipe is in place, each end is reconnected to the existing plumbing and secured in place to prevent water infiltration. If a lateral line was blocked by the HDPE pipe, trained technicians will use the leak proof fusion technique to assemble and joint the mainline back to the corresponding laterals. After the laterals are reconnected, a final inspection may be performed to confirm the success of the project. call us if you thinking about sewer pipe bursting system at- 818-282-5846