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Hydro jetting is an effective method of cleaning drains and main sewer lines. A hydro jetting machine has a water storage tank and hose attachments that will blast water into the drain lines from approximately 1500 PSI for kitchen jetters and 4000 PSI for main sewer line jetters.

A professional plumbing contractor will use specialty jetting nozzles which will vary depending on the type of clog, size of the drain, and level of buildup in the drain. Specialty nozzles can redirect the spray of the high-pressure water to cut through even the heaviest tree roots and scale buildup, fully removing it from the pipeline.

When Do You Perform Hydro Jetting?

Typically, hydro jetting of the main sewer line or kitchen line is not the first step to clear a clogged drain line. Heavy clogs that will not clear by routine snaking, area drains overflowing in the rain, in preparation of epoxy relining, or commercial preventative maintenance are ideal problem scenarios to consider hydro jetting. contact Best Quality Plumbing Inc, for your free no obligation estimate!

What is Hydro Jetting Used For?

Hydro jetting is used to completely eliminate scale buildup and heavy root intrusion in main sewer lines, and heavy grease and scale buildup in kitchen lines. It is especially useful in commercial applications for restaurant lines due to excessive grease.

When kitchen drain pipes get frequent use and have even minimal amounts of grease poured into them on a regular basis, they can quickly become full and close off the flow of water.

Additionally, the unique plumbing method of hydro jetting will rotate the high-pressure water in the drain lines, scouring the inside of the pipe and restoring it to optimal condition.

The Difference Between Snaking and Hydro Jetting

The biggest difference between snaking a drain line and hydro jetting a drain line is how effective the clearing and cleaning of the sewer line is. Snaking will break through clogs, and with specialty cutter heads, can even remove root intrusion.

A hydro jetter service, however, cleans the insides of the pipes, thus restoring the full diameter of the pipe. The special jetter nozzles are the key to accomplishing a clean and clear pipe that will eliminate even heavy scale buildup on the walls of the drain pipe.

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