Toilet Flange

05 Oct. 20

Installation of a Toilet Flange

If you are replacing a toilet or discover that the toilet flange is damaged or broken, you may need to learn how to install it. Sometimes the existing flange does not work for your new toilet. Many homeowners find this process difficult when trying to change it to “do it yourself.” You can ask a specialist to solve it if you are struggling install it. In any event, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with the process.

Continue reading the steps to replace the flange, including the tools you need to perform the job. With the right tools and efforts, you can expect your project to take several hours of your time.

To install it properly, you will need:

  • New toilet flange
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Wax bowl
  • screwdriver


Tools needed to install it:

  1. Prepare the project and be aware that severe water damage can occur if you do not complete the process quickly and correctly. To prepare for the installation, you first have to remove the old flange, the surrounding bumps, and the wax ring to get a smooth and clean surface. Before starting the installation, read the steps to remove the flange from the toilet.
  2. Insert the T screws in the new toilet flange in the holes on both sides of it and adjust the position. Most of this items have slots where screws can be fixed and mounted on top. After the final adjustment, the coils must be retained and not inserted.
  3. Install it by pushing it into the drain hole using the T-screws as points. The screws must be the same distance from the back of the wall. It will ensure that the toilet tank is parallel.
  4. Using an adjustable wrench or screwdriver, secure or screw the clamp to the base’s holes to secure the fasteners. The staples should not protrude from the toilet’s flange end; otherwise, they could prevent the container from aligning with the floor.
  5. Place the wax container directly on the flange to seal the toilet. This step prevents gas and sewerage from escaping.
  6. After sealing the wax, you can install the toilet on the flange. Here are the steps to install the toilet.


Professional toilet flange installation

Is it a task that professionals prefer to find out how to put the flange on the toilet? Don’t worry! The good news is that high-quality local plumbers will be happy to do the job for you.

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